Experienced Aviation Consultant

David Whitaker works confidently with communities and airports to assess needs, set quantifiable objectives, and develop and execute successful initiatives.

Aviation Expertise

• Passenger Air Service

• Cargo Development

• Digital Solutions

• Capital Improvements

• Regulatory Affairs

• Industrial Development

Community Partnerships

• Industry Liaison

• Airport Growth

• Global Aviation Expertise

• Privatization

• Community-Airport Relations

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David Whitaker is an experienced aviation executive helping regions and airports achieve their aviation objectives. Having worked at an executive level for a major airline as well as a hub airport, David has unique insights to assist a wide variety of clients interested in unlocking the power of air service and corresponding development that propels regional economies. He is a genuine partner and strives to understand and manage the perspectives of various constituents. His longstanding focus on the importance of integrity and relationships continues to drive his success and the success of his clients.



“David is a quick study and can quickly and articulately identify solutions. His innovative and creative thinking is an enormous asset.”

Kevin Melton, Executive Director, Chennault International Airport

“David’s knowledge and communication skills promote positive, sustainable change, and he has a long track record of facilitating successful growth and development.”

Elaine Roberts , President & CEO, Columbus Regional Airport Authority – retired

“I’ve worked closely with David for many years. His commercial aviation acumen is highly regarded throughout the industry.”

Randy Bush, CFO Columbus Regional Airport Authority – retired

“David has a broad level of expertise in the aviation industry. He has a deep understanding of the collaboration that’s needed to support growth.”

Dwight Smith, Past Board Chair, Columbus Regional Airport Authority